Seed Processing Plant
This high performance Seed Processing Plant is used for cleaning, sorting, grading and stone removing different food crops. Offered in different working capacity based specifications, this plant is automatic. It is compatible with other grain processing machines like vibration screener and seed grader.
Seed Grading Machine
Our range of Seed Grading Machine is used for grading wheat, rice and various other crops under controlled environment. This machine has necessary parts like belt guard and aspirator fan. User friendly operation, low vibration level and long working life are its key characteristics.
Gravity Separator
Gravity Separator is utilized for effective separation of hemp, seed and grain of different shapes in a hygienic manner. Driven by PLC, this equipment can be installed within less time. Easy to adjust parameters, low operating cost and low maintenance charge are its main attributes.

Seed Treater
Notable for its solid structure, this Seed Treater is equipped with hopper, slurry dispensing pump and automatic dosing system. This machine uses a low speed movable drum as its blending chamber. It adopts variable dosing mechanism for treating different seeds.
Seed Cleaning Machine
Offered Grain Pre Cleaner Machine has been painstakingly designed by veteran professionals to suit cleaning needs of grain processing units. This machine contains discharge outlet, aspiration outlet and sieve cylinder. Simple to operate, this machine is cost effective. Moreover, its operating cost is low.
PLC operated Vegetable Grading Machine is suitable for categorizing vegetables and fruits as per their appearance and weight. This 304 grade stainless steel machine has welded frame. Low noise operation, low maintenance cost and hygienic operating method are its key features.
Grain Packing Machine
Electricity driven Grain Packing Machine is used for filling as well as sealing of grains in polypropylene bags. High speed operation, application of optical controlling technology, mechanical measurement error detection function, low noise generation and low operating cost are its key features.
Grain Bucket Elevators
Designed as per industry specified standards, these Industrial Bucket Elevators are made of good quality stainless steel. With having 3 m to 6 m lifting height range, these elevators can be obtained in different specifications. These are highly durable and these have multiple buckets that are attached via chain or belt.
Grain Processing Plant
We provide automatic grain processing plants that are used for cleaning and grading purposes. These have 99% efficiency rate and are made from best grades of steel, which ensures perfect corrosion resistance.
Wheat Cleaning Machine
This range of Wheat Cleaning Machines is well known for its high production rate. Available in different specifications, this array of systems has a number of advanced features. Low operating cost, accurate dimension and user friendly mechanism are the key aspects of these machines.

Wheat Filter Plant
Offered array of Grading and Cleaning Plants is reckoned as fully automatic system. Equipped with frequency speed controller, this range of plants is well known for its high production rate and user friendly mechanism. Long working life, ergonomic appearance and cost effectiveness are the main aspects of this range of systems.